We came up with 4 Premium features able to help you in your search for the perfect affinity.
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Everyone deserves
a second chance!

Find out who answered your questions but didn't make it to your desired Affinity Rate.
Give them a second chance by trying to answer their questions instead.

your Affinities

Increase your chances to create Affinity by taking off one possible answer. You will have to pick among 3 and not 4.

the first!

Secure your spot at our private events.
If you're a Premium user you'll get to reserve your spot days before regular users and won't miss out on anything cool.

Up to 15 affinities
at the same time

Take advance
of every possibility you have.

High quality dating

We focus on high quality dating based on the search for an
emotional affinity rather than good looking partners.
Find someone to share your passions and your life with.

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