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Everything you'd like to know about FEVEN
How does Feven's research work?
FEVEN shows you other users' profiles using a system based on location and filters set by you: gender, distance, age, and FevenMOVE.
How can I delete my profile?
You can follow these steps:
- Profile
- Settings (top right corner)
- Profile settings
- Delete my account (top right corner)
Do I have to write a bio?
No! This is also one of FEVEN's distinctive features. We're looking for people able to describe themselves through 4 questions.
However, if you're willing to enrich your profile with a bio, you are free to do so and add it in.
Has the question to be pertinent to the picture?
Absolutely not. Everyone is free to write the questions and answers that best describe them, their interests, habits, tastes, etc., without these having a connection to the uploaded picture.
How many pictures and questions?
You can upload from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 4 pictures and you have to match each one of them with a question and 4 answers.
By uploading just 2 questions you increase other users' chances to reach your Affinity Rate and create Affinity (see point below).

Can I create a question without matching it with a picture?

Can I upload a picture without matching it with a question?

Can I avoid creating the answers?

What happens if I create the questions and answers but don't upload any picture?
Your profile will be considered incomplete and won't be visible to other users.

How do affinities (... or matches) work?
When a user reaches your Affinity Rate by answering your questions, you can choose to accept or reject them.
If you decide to accept, an Affinity is established.
How does the Affinity Rate work?
The Affinity Rate is the minumum score that FEVEN's users have to reach to create an Affinity with you (to match with you) and to contact you.

How is the Affinity Rate calculated?
Each question matches with 4 answers, with scores of 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%. The Affinity Rate is the average result of the 4 answers given.
If you answer the questions of a user who set his Affinity Rate to 50%, the average of your answers has to be 50% or more.
Laura's profile: 4 questions, Affinity Rate 50%

Answer 1: 25%
Answer 2: 50%
Answer 3: 50%
Answer 4: 75%

Affinity Rate = 50%

What happens when a user reaches my Affinity Rate?
You’ll see in focus the photos of those who have reached your Affinity Rate, along with their questions and answers. It’s up to you to decide whether to reject or accept the Affinity. If you accept, FEVEN will connect you with the user who reached your Affinity Rate by opening a chat in the “Affinity” section of the app.
What happens if I ghost someone?
In FEVEN everyone has to play fairly.
Users can keep unlimited Affinities, but they must nurture them equally.
Did you lose interest in someone?
Just enough for you to withdraw affinity.
If you ghost someone but continue to chat with the others, you're OUT!

Alerts will be visible to the (A) the user waiting for a response and (B) the user who is ghosting.
(A) The user from who you are waiting an answer from keeps using the app.
(B) You are ghosting this user and they know it.
(A) The user from who you are waiting an answer from keeps using the app.
(B) You are ghosting this user and they know it.

Features disabled

When you collect 4 purple Alerts your FEVEN's finder will be automatically disabled, as well as the other chats not in ghosting.
To reactivate all the features, you simply have to reply to the pending chats or remove the Affinity.
How can I remove the affinity?
To remove the Affinity with a user, you just need go to the chat you have with them and select "Remove Affinity" from the menu.

Once the Affinity with a user is removed, can my profile appear among their finder?
Can I search for a specific person on Feven?
No, it's not possible. You'll be able to view other users' profiles only based on the filters set by you.
Is Feven free or do I have to pay?
FEVEN is free!
But there are some Premium features you can purchase, such as: Second Chance, Retry and Increase Your Affinities.

High Quality Dating

We focus on a High Quality Dating based on the search for an
emotional affinity rather than good looking partners.
Find someone to share your passions and your life with.
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